Booty Shakin' dance program

The Art of Learning Something New

Now let’s delve into another tender subject that comes along with Dancing…

And really anytime you put yourself in a position of learning something new.

You have to be willing to suck at it at first.

Yes, it is soooo true.

You have to be willing to practice the art of being a newbie.

To practice feeling ok with not knowing it all yet. To practice taking pleasure in discovering new things that your body can do.

It feels good to practice the art of learning something new, doesn’t it?!!?

When I have put myself in the position of learning something new–I need to do a few tactical things to calm my ego.

I mean, let’s be honest, I am someone, as I am sure you are too, who likes to be good at things! I like to feel comfortable and confident!

But I also know that what makes me a good teacher is my life-long willingness to always be learning something new. To constantly put myself in the place of pretty much sucking at something when I first begin. Oh my goodness!

And the best way to enjoy learning something new is to notice the small victories as you go. Notice what you CAN do. Notice what you DO get.

Celebrate these things. They can be really small things–like bending your knees and feeling your core & booty muscles engage. It can be getting into the feeling of curling your pelvis and releasing it back. It could be feeling a connection with your triceps and your upper arms.

Celebrate the communication you are developing with different parts of your body.

Dancing is all about expressing music and your spirit through your body–and it takes practice to communicate with different muscle groups and ask them to respond and move in sometimes new ways.

Celebrate each success as you go!

Look forward to learning more about the challenging things.

Enjoy being new at something.

Appreciate yourself as a learner.

Appreciate your courage and your ability to make a commitment to yourself and follow-through.

Appreciate you!

And let me know how it’s going in the Comments Below!

With so much love,

Theresa Stevens

Samba Dancer & Booty Bumpin’ Fitness Coach

and Creator of the How to Shake Your Booty in 30 Days! dance program


How do you do all those booty-shaking moves? Well Theresa breaks it down, simply, easily...if you're looking for a pleasurable workout, a pleasurable fitness, I definitely recommend Theresa Stevens and her Samba teaching.


What a great booty shakin' tutorial you've created! There are a lot of gifted dancers out there, but it takes someone really special to be a great are both, Theresa!…your JOY absolutely jumps through the screen and wraps your students in the biggest hug ever!


With all this dancing I’ve lost about 10 pounds and I feel amazing. I feel great not because of what I lost but because of the energy and self-confidence I’ve gained. I am now completely addicted to dancing...I was shaking it so well she asked me to come up to the front of the class!