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I wanted to invite you to join me in some energizing renewal…

I know I haven’t written in awhile.

I’ve been busy creating community in our new town Des Moines, teaching Samba…

Samba shirts (by Meika) and community

And writing a new nutrition book!

It’s finally “almost done” lol…more about that in a moment…

And here’s what fired me up to spend the last year creating this new guide:

One huge challenge that I’ve seen with friends and clients…is that people get all fired up to workout and exercise…and then they just feel drained by doing it (cue sad face and time spent laying on the sofa beating yourself up unfairly for a lack of “motivation”)…

Believe me, I’ve been there…and what you eat CAN allow you to get into that treasured Workout FLOW state…as consistency is what gets you HOT results! That, and picking an effective & repeatable form of movement…


And friends and clients have found that it’s hard to get into a consistent FLOW with working it:

Either they’re over-exercising…or most often, they just don’t have the solid nutrition you need in place to have the energy you need to exercise.

And what you eat CAN allow you to get into that treasured Workout Flow state…as consistency is what gets you hot results. Also, side note about those results:

What the latest exercise data in the US is sharing, is this surprising info:

is that even though more Americans are now exercising than beforeObesity still continues to be on the rise. How poopy is that?

So the word that *too much sitting is the new smoking* definitely seems to have gotten around! And people ARE exercising more—most excellent.

However: if you’re not Eating in a way that works WITH your body…even though you’re putting in the time walking, cycling or lifting weights…you can still Gain Weight.

As this current research shows that exercise alone can’t counteract weight gain and it’s concurrent detrimental health effects (heart disease, premature death, cancer…the list goes on)

Weight gain is still on the rise?

I found this to be true most recently on a trip to Ireland. It was gorgeous! My husband was there for work—and consequently I did a TON of walking during the day, soaking in the city of Dublin and many museums. The food is Ireland is delicious—unfortunately for me though, most of the food has has flour in it. And so I managed to gain a few pounds even though I was exercising all day.

Exercise just can’t counteract the importance of food.

Loving Ireland walks…but not the flour-tax weight gain

If you want Trim results…

If you want to get TRIM results:

it truly is 80% what you eat and 20% how you move

(and you need both)

Having the energy that it takes to get into a FLOW with working out is a very valuable goal!

Theresa Marie

A very valuable goal…

Having the energy that it takes to get into a FLOW with working out is a very valuable goal!

I bet you have heard the often repeated phrase that “Abs are made in the kitchen”…And I’ve found that it’s true that what you eat is the biggest part of the equation if you want to burn fat, build muscle…build brain plasticity and better gut health, improved optimism and mental clarity.

What you eat is so key to having good energy and giving your body what it needs to thrive….and setting the stage to get *results* from your exercise/movement, too.

AND—at the same time—having the goal of being able to get & stay in a FLOW—a committed & joyful habit with moving your body—is a powerful, fabulous & beautiful goal/desire.

One of my favorite benefits…

One of my personal favorite benefits of moving your booty in a relatively consistent way…

is Youthfulness 🙂

As exercising regularly helps you defy the aging process…by having the immunity, muscle mass & cholesterol levels of a young person….and it can literally “turn back the hands of the clock,” too. And getting into a FLOW with movement has been shown to positively change your Gut Flora too.


Improved digestion + brain health/happiness + youthfulness?? I’ll take it!

More tips with how to *start where you are* with Movement…inside my new Eating for Energy guide.

On the info page (link above) you can see my before & after photos and see a bit more of why I was super motivated to research & write this guide.

Plus, one of my favorite results…

And finally, I would say that one of my results with Eating for Energy has been to get back into a FLOW with movement/exercising/working out.

There are just SO many benefits to exercising/movement/working out! Losing weight is just one of them.

For me, getting back into a FLOW with lifting weights & getting into the gym—I was dancing during my rest breaks, in between sets. Lifting weights is extremely meditative for me. It just makes me feel good while I’m doing it. Then afterwards, there’s this GLOW. This feeling of accomplishment. Of honoring those deeply help promises that you’ve made with yourself. This internal pleasing sigh of relief.

Moving your booty activates a cascade of hormones & neurotransmitters that tell your body how to better use your food. Building muscle is fabulous of course bc it slightly raises your metabolic rate to build it & maintain it…and dense muscle has this almost magnetic, attractive energy to it. You pulse with life.

But don’t you feel more hungry?

People think that when you move/exercise/workout…that this makes you feel more hungry, and it’s hard to burn excess calories when it comes to the calorie math. Yeah, if you’re talking “any ol’ calories”…the type of calories are really important. Plus, a post workout snack is KEY to feed your muscle, your brain, and nip that hunger in the bud.

You have to be strategic.

And I honestly would argue that maybe an entire purpose of the research my guide is mainly based around (The Perfect Health Diet by Drs. Paul & Shou-Ching Jaminet) is so that you do feel energized enough to be able to consistently MOVE your body. Because I have seen time and again (with myself and clients), that you do need both. That both energizing food choices AND movement work together.

The Action Girl’s Guide to Eating for Energy.


It’s “almost done” in that there is *plenty* to get started with reading/taking action on…fun quizzes, checklists…and tools to build your own shopping list & meal plan as you progress through the Action Guide.

I’m just adding the final edits on the Good Digestion section…

If you’re looking to take it up a notch with Eating for Energy—I would love to invite you to come join me…

Let me know if you have ANY questions…excited to hear your feedback & help you get started rocking it too.

Theresa Marie

P.S. Eating for Energy…it’s so important to realize that often it isn’t your *motivation* that’s broken—it’s just that what you eat is really important to both getting results & having the energy to get this very valuable goal…a pleasurable flow/consistency with movement.

How I can help you:
So in Parts 1 & 3 of this Action Guide–I’m going to share how to put this way of eating into action…and in Part 2, I’ll also share research-proven, simple steps you can take to optimize your digestion too—as this is key in feeling good…feeling energized…and getting results from your exercise, too.

Get the deets & come get started with us!

(it’s an interactive course)

Also, you can also get a taste of this Action Guide with:

5 free recipes to LOVE for fitness energy (with some Protein inspiration)…

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I'm in love with my website.  Still can't believe how gorgeous it looks and I was able to do it...




I'm in love with my website.  Still can't believe how gorgeous it looks and I was able to do it all by myself.  Your designs and customer support truly can not be beat.  Your awesome and I tell everyone I know looking for a site about your gorgeous themes.
Holy Cow does my new site look AWESOME!  My traffic has doubled since going live and all my readers love...




Holy Cow does my new site look AWESOME!  My traffic has doubled since going live and all my readers love the new site.  I get so many compliments on how pretty it is.  The best is that people think I spent a fortune to have it designed.
Thank you for everything you did to help me get my site up and running.  Being new to wordpress your...




Thank you for everything you did to help me get my site up and running.  Being new to wordpress your video tutorials really helped.  Love that you provide support and that I can actually get in contact with you when I have questions.