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5 Moves to Activate your Glutes

Activate Your Glutes with 5 Moves

Ok—so you may be wondering why exactly you would want to *activate* your glutes (aka your booty muscles)?

For starters, it’s a great way to take a Movement Break and break up chunks of deadly sitting time (sitting is the new smoking, so it seems).

The movement feels good & it’s fun (the ultimate motivation?) 

Heck, you can even get your booty muscles to squeeze & release just by watching me do it in the video below—that’s how badly your booty wants to move…or rather how much your booty likes to move 🙂

Reverse the Shut Down

And second—if you want to have a more powerful & comfortable experience with walking, and lifting weights (and dancing and shaking your booty)–

It’s actually key to “fire up” your booty muscles as they tend to SHUT DOWN—from too much sitting and working/driving–as Dr. Stuart McGill discovered in his low back/glute research. 

He also asserts that your glutes shut down when you have an injury in another part of your body, to prevent you from moving explosively.

Smart body, um booty, eh?

However, unfortunatelyyour booty muscles *don’t just turn themselves back on* when you get up from working or the other part of your body begins to heal…

To get a real Pump

It’s true when you Lift too:

Just because you’re doing a Glute-focused Exercise like deadlifts or squats…your glutes won’t just automatically fire away…You have to spend time building a mind-muscle (mind-booty) connection…having fun feeling good with SQUEEZING and RELEASING them.

And starting with bodyweight or light weights is the key to success, too!

Plus, as I mentioned earlier, activating your glutes makes Brisk Walking a lot more do-able & easier for your body…Gives you better posture, and makes it so you can get booty building results from strength training (no activation = no muscle building)

You may have noticed too (nice glutes! ;)) that football and basketball players (and this dancer) actively train their glutes, so that they can have “explosive power” with sports as well.

Lots of reasons to get your squeeze & release on…and take a Booty Activation Movement Break today! 🙂

But bodyweight only tho?

Well, quite simply yes. You just need your bodyweight to get the best results when it comes to your glutes–especially when you’re beginning or re-beginning training your glutes.

An ACE study found that just using your bodyweight, allows more of your glute muscles to fire…so no heavy weights needed. In fact, if you were to just start “lifting heavy” as a lot of pop fitness coaches recommend, you would not get a glute pump from this, rather you’d be putting more stress on your lower back instead, and that’s not good.

So have fun rocking out with the bodyweight only glute activation moves…as they do really work.

Put the metal to the pedal

So let’s accelerate in the best way for your body and for getting into a flow with your workouts—start with your bodyweight & activation movements. Turn your glutes back on after sitting on them…and have some fun moving with me today. 🙂

Plus, see for yourself that when you watch the video below, your glutes actually start firing sympathetically. Wild, I tell ya…

Ok, so I’ve tried A LOT of glute activation & building movements…and I have to say that these are 5 of my favorite exercises that go “around the booty”…that I think get the best Glute Activation & are fun to do. 

Press Play…and take a Booty Movement Break today:

Booty Activate!

A few key Form Tips:

Squeeeeeeze & Release

I really want you to focus on feeling your glutes, your booty muscles –squeeze and release during these moves. That’s the real key, really feeling your booty muscles squeeze & release.

*And be sure to start with your less strong side first for the single leg exercise (like the Single Leg Glute Bridges)…and then do the stronger leg second. (I’m right handed, and my left side is not as strong, so I go for doing the left leg first, personally)

Go ahead and check out the Demo Video above…Then after you get my quick tips here… have fun going for these on your own! (Adding music you enjoy, a funky-paced tempo song–gives you extra juju and energia, for sure :))

Rock your walks…by activating your Glutes

Fire Up Your Glutes with:

1. Body Weight Glute Bridges: You want to put your energy into your heels and squeeze your booty up and gently release it down. Your energy and your weight go into your heels.

2. And then come on over to your side for Side Lying Abductions: You want to squeeze your leg up, really resist the movement up.

3. And then Bent Leg Booty Raises: Then get into this tabletop position, and leave a lot of nice space between your shoulder and your ear here…and squeeze your leg up, squeeze your booty up….and slowly lower it back down.

4. Then Fire Hydrants: you’re going to stay in this position and really resist the movement down. Squeeze your leg down.

5. Finally, Single Leg Glute Bridges: You’re going to put your energy into the heel of one foot this time and really squeeze your booty up and really feel your booty muscles do the work.

Thanks for sharing the love today too! And here’s to more activated booties–for more pleasurable walking, lifting & working results <3

Leave me a comment and let me know how you feel, post Movement Break!

Theresa Marie

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I'm in love with my website.  Still can't believe how gorgeous it looks and I was able to do it all by myself.  Your designs and customer support truly can not be beat.  Your awesome and I tell everyone I know looking for a site about your gorgeous themes.
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Holy Cow does my new site look AWESOME!  My traffic has doubled since going live and all my readers love the new site.  I get so many compliments on how pretty it is.  The best is that people think I spent a fortune to have it designed.
Thank you for everything you did to help me get my site up and running.  Being new to wordpress your...




Thank you for everything you did to help me get my site up and running.  Being new to wordpress your video tutorials really helped.  Love that you provide support and that I can actually get in contact with you when I have questions.